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Statewide Strategic Plan
Statewide Strategic Plan

NCDOT is working to improve North Carolina's public transportation system for the future. Find out more.

Apprenticeship & Internship Program

Learn more about the Public Transportation Internship and Apprenticeship Program.

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The N.C. Department of Transportation’s Public Transportation Division works to foster the development of intercity, urban and community public transportation for all North Carolinians. PTD also supports the transportation systems that have been created in North Carolina's 100 counties and to foster collaborative and regional service delivery when appropriate.

Public Transportation Systems in North Carolina

The map below illustrates that public transportation is provided to the general public in all 100 counties.

PTD Categories Combined
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Benefits of Transit in North Carolina

  • Public transportation provides economic and health benefits to communities as well as access to work, education, training, medical transportation, shopping and tourism.
  • It also helps to reduce individual transportation costs as well as congestion and delays and road construction and maintenance.
  • In 2015, North Carolina's 99 public transportation systems served more than 75.4 million passengers.
  • More than $130 million in state and federal funds supported transit operations in all 100 counties. This funding supported 11,000 transit-related jobs, resulting in $416 million in wages.
  • Every $1 that the state invests in transit generates approximately $7 of total investment in North Carolina from federal, state and local sources. In 2015, North Carolina invested $65 million in state funds, which helped bring in $386 million in federal and local funds.

About the Public Transportation Division

Created in 1974 by the N.C. General Assembly, the Public Transportation Division:

  • Administers federal and state transportation grant programs
  • Provides leadership and training opportunities to transit professionals
  • Makes planning and technical assistance available to enrich transit services
  • Prepares projections to meet future public transportation needs

The Public Transportation Division also supports public transportation systems in North Carolina's 100 counties and works closely with those that receive state and federal funding. In addition, PTD plays a key role in maintaining lower growth in congestion throughout the state and offers a safe, cost-effective, environmentally friendly transportation alternative to residents.

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